Web 2.0 Creator Networks Have Broken Incentives Web 2 creator networks like Patreon minimally incentivize ‘fans’ and ‘supporters’ to feel actively invested and connected to their creators and communities. There are limited means to engage beyond purchasing a ‘subscription’, and no way to collectively benefit from the success of your favorite creators. What if this could change? What if creators could manifest an everyone-wins scenario where ‘fans’ become ‘co-creators’ and investors?

Welcome to VEME

VEME is a web 3.0 creator network backed by a new economic paradigm (DAO) that brings revenue, decision making, and ownership back to creators and their fans. VEME uses DAO smart contracts to enable creators to launch collaborative communities, unlocking the tapped labor power of their supporters. ‘Fans’ are cool; ‘co-creators’ invested in your success are cooler. We envision a future where people make their living by participating in the creative communities they love. VEME is a one-stop-shop to bring creators and their fans into the economy 3.0.

VEME has developed a blockchain protocol called ‘Voltage’ which transforms creative offerings into Web 3 assets. All subscriptions, memberships & access can be sold as NFTs which you can trade and exchange! Every single piece of ‘content’ created can be ‘certified original’ and can be legally ‘licensed’ via the NFT itself. Now instead of simply ‘giving’ to your favorite creators and communities of creators, you can also participate in the upside through your support.

Purchase an NFT subscription and receive tokens from your favorite creators! Creators can pre-sell NFTs to fund their DAO, which confer membership access, governance, and token distributions. All funds raised go directly into the treasury, which is grown and amplified by the entire community. This MASTER GITBOOK will serve as a reference for the entire product ecosystem. Below, you will find the master documents for the upcoming VEME DAO in version 0.1.

Coming soon will be the Voltage Protocol, VeFi (VEME DEFI), and the VEME Platform Gitbook.

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